Cowboy Boots Made Especially for Dancing

Published: 11th January 2010
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Not just any old pair of cowboy boots should be used for doing the Texas Two Step or the Boot Scoot Boogie, no, you need to have boots that are supportive to dancers. Just as certain kinds of western apparel are better for dancing than for working, the same rule applies to boots. Here is a list of characteristics of a good pair of western dance boots:

1. Look at the upper portion of boot. Choose boots with soft genuine garment leather uppers.
2. As far as shanks go, you have a choice between a steel shank for support and no shank for flexibility. This is up to you, probably depending a lot on what kind of dances you're participating in and how good of a dancer you are.
3. Know your options for insoles. This is very important for dancing cowboy boots. The insole of each boot must be supportive and cushioned for comfort. Certain brands of cowboy boots that are made for dancing feature insole engineering that provides a comfort system with a built-in double-layered cushion insole. These wonderful cushion insole support systems pillow the feet while protecting the joints against the constant pounding they often receive by extended dancing and other on-your-feet activities. You can even get covered insoles that help keep the feet cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months. These insoles breathe to let air in and moisture out, drying quickly to resist foot odor and mildew. Such linings are found only in the finest bootwear and, depending on which brand you choose, are known for long lasting durability.
4. Choose non-marring split leather outsoles.
5. Your boots should have a solid counter that is built straight on the heel. This goes for any shoe or boot.
6. The heel should be hollow so that it's more lightweight.
7. The counter should be snug with supportive longitudinal and metatarsal arches, and there should be room for toe movement. If your boots seem a little too snug at first, ask the salesperson at the western wear store, or wherever you are purchasing the boots, how much they will stretch.

While there are plenty of wonderful places to purchase western apparel such as cowboy boots online, if you're a first-time boot buyer, you'd probably benefit more from an in-person fitting. Once you have your size, favorite brands, and styles down, you should feel free to buy boots online in the future.
Written by Penelope Holiday. Buy high quality cowboy boots through western wear store online. Women's and men's western apparel, cowboy clothes, hats, accessories.

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