3 Best Places to Wear Your Crocs

Published: 21st September 2007
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Are Crocs best just worn inside the home so you can hide them from people? Of course not! Crocs have gained a good reputation among consumers and are now perfectly acceptable to wear to the streets or any casual gathering. Crocs has also released some new styles that are a lot less boxy or wide as the original Beach model. These new styles are also beautiful and can be worn with different types of casual outfits.

But the be it the Beach or the new Suede Alice, Crocs have now become so popular that you won't get any more uncomfortable stares from people for wearing a bold and candy colored footwear.

Where are the best places to wear the inexpensive and rubber clogs to? The best place to wear the shoes believe it or not is the work place. That is, if you don't work in a highly corporate setting where you are required to wear suits and pumps. If you work in the hospital, the mall, a school, or in an office where casual footwear is acceptable then make Crocs your choice of "work shoes". Crocs are extremely comfortable and should be a breeze to wear for 8 hours or more. Hospital workers and chefs have long discovered the benefits of wearing Crocs to work- the stress on their feet, angles, heels and legs are lessened and they find that they can stand and work for longer hours with roomy Crocs: Beach, Cayman, Endeavor and Professional. People who work in advertising agencies or design studios that are more lenient when it comes to dressing will benefit from the comfort of Crocs footwear. Somehow, it's easier to let the creative juices flowing when you are totally comfortable with your outfit. Pre-school teachers will be comfortable wearing the Prima or the Alice to work because they can easily run after the kids and move around the classroom.

Another great place to wear the Crocs in is the beach or the pool. With vents where air and water can easily pass through, Crocs are the perfect footwear to wear when you go swimming. They are very easy to wear and take off so you can easily slip them off when you want to go for a dip in the pool or when you want to swim in the ocean. You can also wear them as soon as you get out of the water because they easily dry. Getting them wet also won't result in any damage to the shoe. With the soles being slip-resistant, they are perfectly safe for kids to wear around the pool areas. You can also use them to go boating as they were really intended for this activity.

Another great place to wear your Crocs is in the great outdoors. Whether you are just working on a small patch of garden or taking a great adventure up the mountains, your Crocs will be the perfect shoes to wear. Crocs are comfortable and provide good traction. They are also water-resistant so you can wear them around the campsite or when you're going for a hike around the streams and brooks.

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